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Chronic Illness Therapist

Connie Cope, MS

Connie is a therapist who specializes in chronic illness, individual, couples and family counseling. She has been a nurse for almost 10 years with the primary focus on pediatric home health for children and adolescents with chronic illness. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master's in Marriage and Family therapy, as well as a degree in nursing. She worked in private practice and community mental health serving individuals, couples, and families with many different mental health concerns. Connie has family members with POTS and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and is very familiar with the physical and psychological impact of these disorders. She provides psychological therapy, counseling and support to patients of Dysautonomia Clinic.

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Jill Brook, MA

Jill is a nutritionist, researcher, and 25-year sufferer of severe POTS and mast cell activation disorder (MCAS). She earned degrees from Princeton University and UCLA, worked as a researcher and statistician at both universities and the Pritikin Longevity Center, then became a nutritionist in private practice in Pasadena, California. She counseled individuals and families, consulted for Caltech and Disney, appeared multiple times on NBC's Today Show and Good Morning America, wrote books, trained other nutritionists around the globe, but became sick with POTS and MCAS. She was homebound for years, but with proper treatment, she is well-enough to work and exercise again. She provides nutrition consulting with specialized diet plans for patients with POTS, MCAS, gastroparesis, and autoimmune disorders.

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Life Coach and Patient Advocate

Amy Stenehjem, MD

Dr. Amy Stenehjem works as a Life Coach and Patient Advocate helping others navigate the overwhelming world of illness. Being both a physician and a patient, she has a unique perspective and understands the many challenges associated with chronic illness. She is dedicated to using this insight to help those with chronic illness more effectively manage symptoms, improve quality of life, and discover joy despite their daily health struggles. She graduated with honors from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and went on to receive her MD from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. She then completed her residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Rusk Rehabilitation Center in Columbia, Missouri, with the distinction of serving as Chief Resident. She became ill and was diagnosed with POTS and an Autoimmune Periodic Fever Syndrome in 2011. She has written popular articles on chronic illness featured on the Mighty and Huffington Post I am a doctor with chronic illness

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